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The Township of Toms River Advertising

Just imagine your company banners and signs being seen over and over again, throughout the entire year, by hundreds of thousands of potential consumers visiting Toms River’s many parks and recreational facilities! Using this advertising technique is a very economical and effective way to create an awareness of your business and its products or services and help generate sales!

Your banners and signs can be placed in an ice skating rink, at a golf course, in a large park, around a tennis court, soccer field, or at a swimming pool where they will be viewed by thousands of visitors including families, individuals, professionals, sports enthusiasts, high school students, coaches as well as many who love nature and the outdoors!

A portion of all advertising revenue goes to support each venue in the Township of Toms River.

These and multiple other excellent advertising opportunities are currently available. However, the best banner and sign locations and prices can be obtained if you sign up now! So, if you are interested in learning more about how to advertise with us, please hurry, as space is limited.

Currently Placing Advertising in the Following Areas:

  • Recreational drugs (chemical or herbal).
  • Psychoactive substances
    Chemical substance that changes brain function and results in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness or behavior.
  • Equipment to facilitate drug use
  • Instructions for making explosives or other harmful products
  • Tobacco products.
  • Advertising that directly promotes to minors.
    Except facilities that accommodates minors.
  • Promote activities or conduct that is violent criminal, or otherwise illegal.
  • Express or depict language, gestures, conduct, of graphical representations that are obscene, pornographic, vulgar, profane. or scatological.
  • Express or advocate a message that is clearly defamatory, slanderous, or likely to scorn or ridicule certain individuals or groups.
  • Promote or reference the sale or use of guns or other weapons, ammunition, explosive materials and fireworks.
  • Advocate political parties or the election or reelection of any candidates for public office.
  • Express or advocate an opinion, position, or viewpoint on matters of public debate on political, economic, social, or religious issues.
  • Sole purpose to solicit funds.
  • Engage in religious proselytizing;
    Advertisements promoting the secular educational, humanitarian, charitable, and social welfare activities and programs of churches and other religiously -affiliated institutions are permitted.
  • Interfere with or detract from the general public’s enjoyment of, or the activities taking place in, the permitted location.
  • Compromise the health, safety, and welfare of the public.
  • Jeopardize the security, safety, comfort, convenience of operations.
  • Express message that is demeaning, disparaging, threatening.
  • Express or depict a message, slogan, or graphical representation that is trademarked, copyrighted, or constitutes other Protected intellectual property unless owned by advertiser.